About The Light Project

Find out more about the creative ways we reveal Jesus and how you can get involved through prayer, giving or joining us.

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We offer a unique practical Foundation Degree course in Evangelism and Theology in partnership with the University of Chester

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From serving people who are homeless, community cafés, city centre chaplaincy, prisons or youth work . We love it when people get to grips with the good news of Jesus and share the best news this world has been graced with.

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We exist to reveal Jesus to those who have yet to make sense of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We train people to be creative good news bearers who show and tell the gospel in ways people can understand.

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Sunday Out

We encourage churches to take a Sunday Out to meet in public to be Church amongst the majority of people who don’t go to church.

Serving people who are homeless

We help people who are homeless practically as well as spiritually. The Drop-In based in Chester shares the gospel by means of faith in action. It expresses faith before attempting to communicate faith.

The Prodigal Collective

The vision of the Prodigal Collective is to resource ex-offenders who are on faith-journeys ‘through the gate’ and to equip locally the body of Christ to accommodate such ex offenders in our area.

City centre chaplaincy

In Peterborough and Chester we serve as city centre chaplains being available for those who live and work in the city. Our role is often a listening one and we occasionally offer to pray for people as part of ‘looking out’ for people.

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