Light Project Chester

The Light Project in Chester is a community of people (students, staff and volunteers) who are seeking to learn together how to follow Jesus and share his life with others. Through fellowship, mission and worship and prayer we aim to find and live the simple heart of the Gospel in close community.

Historically, the team in Chester has been known for various pioneering projects in the city. In this season, however, we feel called to see what ‘revealing Jesus’ means in the growth of deep and honest community (through hospitality, participation and recreation) and in the formation of individual and community ways of living shaped by Christ (in devotion to God and prayerful mission).

It is through this that we seek to share the Good News naturally with those around us.

Study with us on a Degree Course!!

FdA in Theology & Evangelism

The Light Project is an official partner of the University of Chester and delivers a Foundation Degree of Arts (FdA) in Theology and Evangelism accredited, validated and awarded by the University.
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