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The Light Project seeks to encourage others by sharing the experience we have gained in a variety of different areas of mission and evangelism. These range from project ideas undertaken by our students and team to research or articles considering different issues surrounding mission and evangelism. We alos also publish books and training resources which you can find on this link 

Research - The 153 Project



Part of our vision here at The Light Project is to sharpen what we do and enable the church to let people know about Jesus in more effective terms. This means that this year, we are setting out to conduct research into finding the best ways.

The 153 project is based on a prophetic word about looking at how to best do evangelism with those who have never had any interaction with Christianity – the un-churched. While faith is alive and well, institutional Christianity declines in Britain and so less and less people have a clear understanding and experience of what Christianity actually boils down to. The 153 seeks to map how the Holy Spirit is at work in this growing population who have hitherto, never had any real link with the people of Good News.

Most of us appear to be relying on anecdotal stories so this project will research how such people actually meet Jesus and what are the significant factors. Establishing this, will enable the wider church to sharpen its approach to evangelism in a post Christian and post modern society. The 153 project is being undertaken by staff at the Light Project. for more details or to support this research contact Glyn Jones

Articles and Essays

If you are currently studying Theology, Mission or Evangelism, we would like to make available to you all the work and essays that we have worked on. You can view and download them here.