Last week I went to visit one of our Part-time students, Gary, in Doncaster. It’s part of a new arrangement we have with our students, supporting them in their placements. As I prayed on the train, the words ‘there’s a price’ came to mind. I arrived around lunchtime and had an hour to explore the town before meeting Gary at the Minster.  I found myself engulfed by a large shopping centre and after 10 minutes walking through its web I had to ask directions for the town centre. At every turn people are encouraged to buy and consume.
I eventually found an exit and from the outside I was struck by the scale of the mall which now dominates the Victorian town centre. Just enough time to locate the Minster and spend a few moments looking round. As a CAP Debt Centre Manager, Gary has met many people affected by these pressures of consumerism.
The large dual carriage road separated the Minster from the town and apart from the fast roads surrounding the building it was a peaceful place of worship.
It’s really special to hear about what God is doing in different places around the country and to encourage our students who for the most-part we only see at the Light Project College here in Chester during busy learning weekends.

Gary met me there, after a placement chat and catch up we went on a tour of his home area, Wheatley. He showed me around the area and pointed out the various churches and their ministries to the community. Gary explained the ‘Church on Wheel’ trailer that his Church use to put on street events and community outreach.


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