We have some REALLY exciting things happening here at The Light Project.

Over 10 years ago, Chris started doing evangelism and gathered a group of courageous people together to form The Light Project. With the support of the most gifted and generous people, the work has developed in the past 10 years and over that time, literally thousands and thousands of people heard about Jesus in a way that makes sense to them  – some have rejected it, others neglected it but significantly some have accepted it and their lives are very different today. Our work has encompassed such a variety of events and projects that it is not possible to list them here.

Today, we have felt called to stretch this work further to tell more people, in fact to let everyone know who wants to know – this means stepping up a gear  for us-  so from September 2016, we will be appointing Gaz and Anina Thomas as the new directors of The Light Project in Chester. This will mean fresh ways of reaching people in Chester working in a changing landscape. Gaz and Anina are precisely the right people for this vision – Cestrians themselves and unique in their creativity, passion and gifting, they have worked with us for several years and many of you will know them as  sensitive but gutsy leaders in mission and evangelism.

Chris and I will be working alongside Gaz and Anina – Chris will be developing The Light Project Network across the UK which already encompasses links to several partner groups and is seeing the birth of new Light Projects in Peterborough and elsewhere as well as links with wider denominations.  As I hand on the work in Chester to Gaz and Anina, I will be also developing a new part of our call –  The Light Project College of Evangelism. This is a vision which God has kept on my heart for several years. We have always trained people in practical evangelism and I would like to develop a college where pioneer evangelism is taught to the highest level: new courses, new avenues ; new resources and Holy Spirit led published research. I want us to be sharp in delivering the most precious thing we hold in our generation – the secret of Jesus Christ.

‘The people living in darkness will see a great light; light will dawn on those living in the land of the shadow of death ” We believe that these words spoken in Isaiah and re-iterated in Matthew are applicable to the UK 2016 and we are convinced that God has invited us to play a part in that light shining.So come with us, pray with us and join with us as we step out into that darkness with the light.

Be the Light – Chris, Glyn, Gaz and Anina

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