This is Billy, he is the first of many people that I met at Christians Linked Across the Nation (New Wine Scotland) who have a passion to share Jesus with the public in the most beautiful and natural way. So on his first ever visit to Glasgow and on the eve of my 5th week living here, the two of us met to bless Glasgow with the Good News.

We spent some time preparing a variety of umbrellas to give out in the rain that was forecast for the day and although there was no rain we were able to invite the people of Glasgow to experience the gospel in a few ways using our chalk boards; including the offer of free hugs.

I was quite astonished when Billy pulled out a bag of balloons and stated that he might give out a few models!!!

Billy told me some of his story and how he and his family are involved in their local community on the Scottish Borders. Their WP_20160903_001weekends are often given to children’s parties and regular church commitments, but on this day he’d made the considerable commute up to Glasgow. Billy has quite a gift in balloon modelling, if you want to see more of their work visit the site:

I cannot begin to explain how kind, friendly and generous this man is. Receiving a mixed set of reactions to his offer of ‘free hugs’, he maintains a genuine smile to the dozens of strangers that punctuate each person who accepts. I had already attempted ‘free hugs’ before but on this occasion I saw it done properly- you might say I was converted! Several people, including some other evangelists, were also handed a free flower balloon; each time unconditionally offered with a smile. His energy has compelled me to continue in the work we’re developing here in Scotland. I want to learn more about what this country has up her sleeve.


After 6 hours of sharing notes and pondering the next direction for sharing Jesus with Scotland, I felt even more anticipation and that in future we will need much more of a platform for the variety of ways we can engage with strangers or a crowd. I had underestimated what was open to us.

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface of the talent and enthusiasm bubbling beneath the surface. I am continually encountering more and more Christians in Scotland who are already creatively worshiping God in wonderful ways, I am so excited about how we can share this kaleidoscope of love across this great and powerful nation.

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