Over the last few weeks one of our beautifully creative 2nd year students, Hana, has transformed a room we used as an office last year into an interactive prayer and meeting space. The wall takes you on a journey and there is space for you to write your own lamentations, confession, proclamations and new songs. Our hope is that we will be able to spend time here with our students and invite other people into this space so that many may experience afresh the wonderful presence and voice of Jesus.

Here’s a picture of Hana in the new space and a few words from her:

“A couple of weeks back I got the opportunity to do a mural for the Light Project’s new prayer room, using blackboard paint to make it interactive, God was revealing a journey through the painting and a process to where he brings our hearts. Its been healing already to see how its being used. I’m excited to see how this room will grow in creativity throughout the year!”

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