We want people to ‘get’ the good news so we use creative ways to reach out to people, on the streets, in schools, universities, pubs and cafes and city centres… in fact wherever we have an opportunity. We believe good news needs to be understood as good news otherwise it’s no news which is bad news!

Sunday Out

What if churches spent one Sunday a month ‘out.’ What if the majority of people that don’t attend a church service would encounter church in pubs, cafes, parks or the streets? What if morning services were used to engage with people and love people who wouldn’t consider going to Church?

Sunday Out projects have included a red carpet, a listening sofa, concerts in pubs and cafes, giveaways and painting. Simple ways to meet people and gently share something of the Christian faith with people who have yet to hear or understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus.


Sunday Out is something Chris leads in Peterborough once a month but is also able to help churches across the UK connect with people in their community through offering some hands on training.

Study with us on a Degree Course!!

FdA in Theology & Evangelism

The Light Project is an official partner of the University of Chester and delivers a Foundation Degree of Arts (FdA) in Theology and Evangelism accredited, validated and awarded by the University.


Creative evangelism

We’re always seeking to do new things to connect the message of Christianity with those who don’t have a clue about what Jesus is like. So you may find us in a café or on the streets painting or setting up art installations. Recently the Chester team set up a ‘Christ on a bike’ art installation with words of Jesus presented on the bikes. While in Peterborough a large key with hundreds of white keys with the message ‘The cross of Christ is the Key to heaven’ was set up for a week in the city Centre.

The Light Project have recently teamed up with Richard Coan, a local artist, to explore making a piece of art to express the value that God puts on people and how ordinary people might experience this.

We asked local people how they experience feeling valued. The WOA (Walk of Affirmation) is a way of expressing this in a piece of interactive art. It’s a tunnel of messages which relate how people feel valued and how God values ordinary people in ordinary life. It was installed at Holy Trinity Blacon, St Peter’s at the Cross and the Greenbelt festival.


Urban Festival

Engage, an urban festival, has a particular focus on a summer celebration of community life with young people active in community projects. It is an opportunity for the churches of Chester to work together to change the perception of church amongst the public, while learning and growing in faith and action.

St Peters Friars

Within the new monastic stream, The Light Project has recently launched a group of modern day friars. This dispersed group meets at set times in the year to worship and support one another and organises set evangelistic events across the UK. The Friars comprise individuals across the UK with a call to let others know about Jesus and challenge mainstream ideas about God, Click here to find out more


In Peterborough and Chester we serve as city Centre chaplains being available for those who live and work in the city. Our role is often a listening one and we occasionally offer to pray for people as part of ‘looking out’ for people.

In Peterborough the chaplaincy team meet in Weatherspoon’s most Friday mornings.