Students at The Light Project College are involved in researching and writing about a wide variety of issues and opportunities associated with mission and evangelism.

Below, you will find a selection of some of our students work and other articles which may be useful.

An Analysis and Critique of Evangelical Approaches to Evangelism

This MTh dissertation maps the rise of evangelicalism and how its core features have both released evangelism but also skewed who does it and how it can done by the whole church.

An Analysis and Critique of Evangelical Approaches To Evangelism in the 21st Century (G. Jones 2012)


How Adults Come to Faith

This Masters dissertation looks at the key factors relating to adults becoming Christians.


A Shared Meal as Integral Mission

This is a Masters dissertation by Melissa Turner, who lectures at The Light Project, looking at the notion of how mission and evangelism are achieved, or not, through certain social projects including work with homeless people, and Food bank.

A Shared Meal as Integral Mission

Talking Jesus

Recent perspective in Britain on who talks about Jesus and how the public perceive this.

Talking Jesus


Snapshot is an audit tool developed by The Light Project to help churches look at how well they are organised for mission and evangelism. It is best used to give the church leadership a ‘snapshot’ of what os happening with a view to developing a coherent strategy¬†for mission and evangelism with their surrounding communities.

The Field - Re-visiting Laurence Singlehurst's 'Sowing, Reaping, Keeping'

This lecture seeks to re-visit the key work of Laurence Singlehurst on his notion of evangelism being a set of stages mapped to stages of conversion. The Field expands his original idea to incorporate a wider aspect of mission to changing the culture of a people group (ploughing and sowing). It also introduces the idea of credible guides.the-field-jones-2016