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Other products we’ve made

The Q game

Q is an easy way of encouraging people to talk about their faith and life in a relaxed and informal way.

It’s ideal for a church or group of Christians who are looking to connect with a new group of people. It works as a pre-Alpha activity as it is only short (4 weeks), ultimately flexible and anyone can run it without training, manuals or lots of preparation. All you need are some people, a coin and a set of beermats (included). ‘It is the best way to get people talking about faith in a real way’… ‘beautifully simple’

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Books our team  have published


The Peg and the Pumice Stone - Everyday Evangelism

The Peg and the Pumice Stone is a collection of short stories and reflections on being an everyday evangelist – tips and ideas on how to be good news without the pressure of performing or pretending. This can be purchased from amazon or Waterstones.

Rev Jill Duff, Bishop of Lancaster writes:

“I first encountered Glyn by the fruits of his work. I kept coming across evangelists who were alight with Jesus and comfortable in their own skin. The common thread? Glyn Jones & The Light Project.

This book is fresh bread. Engaging story telling by a man who “does what Jesus says”, who prays & sees the extraordinary in ordinary situations, who lives his faith, not just explains it. Honest, vulnerable, engaging. Loved it!”

Philip, a novel by Chris Duffett

“Through this delightful story inspired by the New Testament figure Philip, Chris Duffett succeeds in bringing the past to life, while enabling readers to resonate deeply with both the power of love and the all too familiar challenges of forgiveness.”

Kate Coleman, Founder and co-director of Next Leadership

Creative, imaginative, challenging & highly engaging. This book is a great contribution that is well worth a read.’ Gavin Calver, Director of Mission Evangelical Alliance

Roman soldiers, temple prostitutes and children who can see the future. Violence, miracles and a love story lasting 60 years. Philip is a coming-of-age story and a ‘spiritual biography’ of one of the most important figures in the Bible, imagined by one of Britain’s most innovative evangelists.

For years, Chris Duffett has been meeting people where they are with the love of Jesus Christ, reclaiming street evangelism from the fire and brimstone brigade, and equipping thousands of UK Christians to step out in faith, courage and love. He imagines Philip the evangelist as someone many of us might know: a boy with a disability, caring for a sick mum; a teenager in love with his childhood friend; a man plagued by self-doubt, even as God uses him in people’s lives.

Walk with Philip through the streets of first-century Samaria and Jerusalem. Listen to him talk with Jesus in a market place. Watch him struggle with anger and fear and stress. Feel his enduring love. Get to know the Bible’s first evangelist, and know that if he could do it, so can you.

Philip is a rags-to-spiritual-riches story full of warmth, romance, drama and truth. 

You can order the book by clicking here.



Smack Heads and Fat Cats by Chris Duffett

This book outlines a new vision for evangelism. The inspiration for the book came after Chris met a drug addict who he thought was going to die in front of him after taking a bad hit of heroin. “I prayed for someone who people would call a dirty ‘smackhead’ and I saw God heal him in front of my very eyes. It changed my life and his.

“Chris is the real deal. His book is written in a catchy and earthy style. Great stories that will make you laugh and cry. Truth that will refresh your soul. His encouragement to be the good news is infectious. Buy it. Read it. Live it. And give it away.” Nic Harding, Senior Pastor Frontline Church Liverpool

Big Hearted by Chris Duffett

bigheartedLooks at what it means to serve a big hearted God and what it means to be a big hearted Church. The book is all about going to the least, the lost and the last. It’s about going to those who haven’t heard or experienced the good news of Jesus, plus loads of ideas of how to do that as church.

“This book is enormous fun to read. But don’t be deceived, the content of the message is about as profound as anything you will come across.”
Dr Nigel G. Wright

“This book will be an invaluable inspiration…though for church life as it now is, it needs to carry a health warning!”
From the Foreword by John Drane

Big Hearted lyfe (Pack of 6) The Bible Society with Chris Duffett
bigheartedlyfeBig-hearted lyfe, developed with Chris Duffett by the Bible Society, features six small group sessions based on lyfe ‘experience’ and Chris’s big-hearted themes. Each session includes reading and reflecting on Scripture, followed by a ‘big-hearted’ challenge to help us grow in love for God and for the people around us.


Questioned Christian by Chris Duffett

questionedA book of 30 poems by Chris Duffett. Chris writes: “I pray that you will find something good and challenging in this hodgepodge of a collection of poems. I hope that as you read them, somehow you may encounter the presence of the One who loves us and gave his life for us and sends us out to let the world in on what we’ve got.”

Re:union by Anina Thomas

ReUnionmys•tical un•ion: A deep, conscious awareness of our direct, intimate and inseparable communion with God. Many people are experiencing dynamic encounters with God which, although prevalent in scripture, revival history and the mystical tradition, are often not common in contemporary Western Christianity. Re:Union encourages us into a deeper relationship with Jesus and affirms His invitation to enjoy unbroken heavenly union with God as a daily reality.

“This is a book by an authentic Christian mystic who not only has her own stories to tell of her adventures in the spirit realm but who has also chosen to root herself in the long and venerable history of Christian mysticism, sharing with us valuable insights from such great historical figures as Francis of Assisi and Theresa of Avila. It seems that in Anina we are blessed with the merging of two streams: the ancient mystical tradition and the contemporary charismatic movement. Well worth a read.”
Ben Pugh, Lecturer in Theology, Cliff College

“Re:Union reads like a glorious sunrise dawning on a new day; a carpeted array of delicate, delightful snow drops defying the hardness of the ground or the harshness of the winter; a golden display of daffodils declaring that the winter is past and gone – it’s Springtime!… It is a total joy to commend Re:Union.”
Rev Canon Chris Bowater OSL, Senior Pastor New Life Church Ministries Sleaford; Co-founder/Vision Director Worship Academy International

Known and Loved by Chris Duffett (FREE)
K&L (booklet)2_Page_1

Download Known and Loved

Known and Loved is a free resource for small groups to prepare them to do something that will show others that they are known and loved by God.

It’s simple:

1) meet in a small group, anything from a few of you to around 12.

2) Meet in public, ideally in a good pub, cafe or garden center coffee shop.

3) Work through the studies and challenges and plan to do something as a group, it could be something that is a one off or something that you continue to do to let others know that they are known and loved.