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The Light Project College has a vision to train, resource and connect pioneers to make countless disciples of Jesus

When you joining a course with The Light Project College, you will not just study, but you will be led with others to step out of your own comfort zone and take part in mission and evangelism – often in ways you never imagined – this is what is means to follow Jesus.

The key to this training is that you are joining a group of people who are both passionate about Jesus but also, ready to act. That takes courage and faith and we recognise that at the heart of our training lies the need to walk closely with Jesus as a friend and the Holy Spirit, as the one who leads us.

Those teaching these courses bring an unprecedented wealth of experience from a diverse selection of evangelism: urban festivals, creative arts, pub chaplaincies, public speakers, evangelism courses, youth work, homeless work, pioneering church and fresh expressions and so much more.

The College gathers students from all ages and backgrounds and forms a melting pot of creativity and intellectual and spiritual development. It sets out to find the most effective ways of letting people in on the secret of Jesus and then sends them out to deliver and equip others to do the same.


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The Light Project is an official partner of the University of Chester and delivers practical degree courses in pioneering Theology and Evangelism accredited, validated and awarded by the University.