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The Light Project is an official partner of the University of Chester and delivers practical degree courses in pioneering Theology and Evangelism accredited, validated and awarded by the University.

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Do your university degree with us in in 'Theology, Mission and Evangelism'

The Light Project delivers two unique degree courses, both accredited by University of Chester.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Mission and Evangelism

Foundation degree of Arts in Theology, Mission and Evangelism


Both degrees are eligible for student finance

Our unique partnership with Chester University makes your degree uplifting, faith affirming, practical and fun, combining lectures with field-trips and practical evangelism Both degrees can be studied by joining one of student clusters around the country  or independently from your local area.

Baptist Pioneer Minister Training

The Light Project is  currently in the process of formalising a pathway with the Baptist Union of Great Britain, to accredit pioneer ministers in conjunction with one of its traditional colleges.*

This pathway will see ministers in training studying alongside our evangelists and pioneers while they complete their accredited training. Ministers will graduate with a full degree and as accredited pioneer ministers.

These courses are open to students wanting to gain, not only a recognised qualification, but also hands-on experience of what mission, evangelism and pioneer ministry looks like in the 21st century. They are unique courses, academically challenging and faith affirming.

They  combine fun and challenging lectures with input from a range of practitioners, qualified tutors and practising evangelists giving students the knowledge and skills necessary for pioneer contexts.

At The Light Project, students join a vibrant learning community taking part in placements, residential weekends and weekly web sessions designed to broaden the experience of theology and evangelism. We try to be creative with teaching and assessments. Students. will find themselves not only in in classic lectures, but on thought-provoking practicals, conducting field research, organising projects and presenting their ideas to their peers in an enriching and stimulating learning environment.

We believe that evangelism is for everyone and so our students herald from a wide range of contexts and church backgrounds. We have people aged 18 to 80, novices to experienced and  gifted thinkers to those who find traditional study challenging.

The course can be accessed from anywhere across the UK, either full-time or part-time. Every student will have a negotiated placement as an integral part of each year giving them both a taste of new skills and also practical skills on the job. Placements will typically be in the students’ locality and with an agreed  Baptist church.

This pathway should be formalised in the near future. If you are considering ministerial training as a Baptist minister or in an independent church, contact for more details.

** subject to confirmation from BUGB

Missional Chaplaincy

Join Chris Duffett for  an interactive training day on how to set up a local Chaplaincy :this could be anything from a work place, a retail outlet or pub chaplaincy or airport. We have experience with chaplaincies in pubs, supermarkets, airports, city centres and several other contexts.

  • Learn how to be creative in faith sharing.
  • Explore resources to help you share the story of Jesus.
  • Learn about the ethos and ‘heart’ of chaplaincy.
  • Join a growing network of Christians who are adopting their local pub to love and serve the staff and customers.

For details contact:

The Brighter Course

Brighter is a course for churches over 4 weeks … It’s for Christians who wonder how they may shine for others to see and experience their faith. It involves looking at creative ways of connecting faith (lots of permission given for those who have gifts and abilities and wonder how to use them for the benefit of others…) It recognises the need for Holy Spirit help in connecting the good news and acknowledges new ideas he adventure of partnering in God’s mission and looks for divine appointments in every day to day life. The course challenges the notion that evangelism is for experts who are extroverts and is very interactive working on discussion and investigation.

“Each year we agree to take a specific number of students on these courses; we are looking for the right people who are willing to learn and grow in their faith, not just do a course”.  

Glyn Jones

Director, The Light Project

Prospectus 2019

Find out what the course involves