Become a founder of our new college of evangelism.

The vision: to train, equip and connect pioneers and evangelists to go and make countless disciples of Jesus.

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We would like to invite you into this new chapter as founding members of the new Light College and to be part of The Founders’ Way.

The Light Project’s journey

The Light Project’s journey started in 2000 when Chris Duffett trained a small group of young adults to demonstrate the Christian message in a relevant way by detached youth work, setting up community youth clubs and on the streets. Since then we have developed many different ways of communicating the good news of Jesus so that He may become the talk of the town. We have let thousands of people know and experience Jesus and have had the privilege of seeing many become disciples of Jesus.

Alongside active evangelism we have also trained people through our Foundation Degree. Our training really took off when Glyn Jones came back to England from France in 2007 with a heart to establish a fresh way of training evangelists.  Now, with Gaz Thomas joining the team alongside our Light Project colleagues, we feel that God is calling us to establish something new, something which will focus our efforts to make a greater impact upon the UK, a college of evangelism for pioneers and church planters: The Light College.

We believe that God is opening the door for us to evolve the Light Project into a formal college which will offer qualifications for evangelists and ministers who are called to pioneer church in new and innovative ways. Part of discerning this call has been the development of new courses, a Bachelor’s Degree and exploring ways to train pioneers, starting with the Baptist Union of Great Britain.

Role of Founders

We see the Founders of The Light College as a group of committed people who will support us in bringing  the college into existence and then praying for it as it grows and develops. The Founders’ Way sets out the expectations and commitments of Founders:

1  Vision: Founders should be people who share a sense of the vision we have: to establish a college to train, equip and connect pioneers and evangelists to go and make countless followers of Jesus.

2 Prayer: Along with regular updates and prayer points, we will invite all the Founders to an annual meal where we will share Light College news, developments, struggles and achievements. We will pray together for the furthering of the vision which we have all committed to. Founders should also be prepared to commit to pray for The Light College on a regular basis.

3  Investment: Founders should be ready to make a financial investment in the setup of the new college. While we have no stipulation on the amount, we hope and pray that you will consider investing into this new adventure. Setup costs cover things such as new library resources, research and a bursary fund for struggling students who otherwise could not afford to study with us.

Founders' Way Art piece

As part of the setup of the new college and to mark ‘The Founders’ Way’ we will be asking a local artist to create a piece of art work which will celebrate the founding of the College. 

Rather than setting a physical stone into a building we would like a piece of art which will feature the names of all of the Founders.

This art work will be something which we can take with us should we move in years to come and may be recreated or reinterpreted by other artists in future, keeping the expression fresh while preserving the initial vision and commitment of the original Founders.

To find out about becoming a founding member of The Light College, please email below: Alternatively you can phone the office on 01244 400221

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